Online Spanish Classes for Filipinos | 2023

¡HOLA! If you are Filipino, want to learn Spanish, and your level is beginner, do not miss this opportunity. Online courses taught by qualified Spanish teachers.

      • Live classes via Zoom/Google Meet.

      • 50-minute classes once a week.

      • Small groups of no more than six students per class.

    You will practice Spanish from day one!

    You only pay to access the digital teaching material for only $7 / ₱390, valid for one year: Editorial Grupo-SM, Curso de español para extranjeros. ELE Actual.

    (Currently, we are offering Spanish classes for beginners A1, which we will gradually increase to higher levels.)

    We are aiming to start the classes on July 2023 (The exact date will soon be announced.)

    Sign up here:–9hnr6unwb7iFyJMbwaJorL2ybkj0_d5mK-RPa0vd60w/viewform

    For further information: [email protected]


    ¿Eres nativo de español y quieres ser profesor voluntario para las clases virtuales de español ayudando a los filipinos que quieren aprender español? Regístrate aquí y únete a esta iniciativa. Las clases virtuales serán por Google Meet o Zoom con un máximo de seis integrantes y una duración de 50 minutos

    Coordinating Team Members:

      • Viqui Arbizu
      • Encarna Bermejo
      • Paloma A. Serrano
      • Martín Echávez
      • Carolina Merino
      • Paqui Navarro


    We are especially grateful to Beatriz Arean, Grupo Editorial SM, for her generous contribution to this project.